Race Day Pics in No Particular Order

Austin Pro James Bonney 

Austin Pro Pat Evoe sportin’ the Little Caesar’s Race Kit

Craig Alexander coming across the finish

Chrissie Wellington acts surprised that she won by over 10 minutes!

Wellington and Mike Reilly

Couldn’t resist the socks photo

Pat Evoe from Austin (and J&A Corture Coach)

Wellington at Mile 1 of the marathon…piece of cake

Austin Pro Desiree Ficker in the early portions of the bike

Badmann always with a smile

…so close and yet so far away…

Sindballe was first off the bike. That lead didn’t last long.

Stadler and Lieto were on his heels…both would eventually fade.

James Bonney with a great stride at Mile 1

How does Faris Al-Sultan not chafe??

9 thoughts on “Race Day Pics in No Particular Order

  1. com’on…admit it…you think Sindballe’s totally hot with his oh-so-white compression socks and matching white arm coolers…oh, and matching white shorts…oh, and matching white top…

  2. Dude, Al-Sultan’s mankini is hotttt. Hook a sista up. PS – apparently the folks in Kona didn’t get the memo that you can’t leave the house with compression socks on. Not okay.

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