Skinning that Cat

Well, I’m five days out from the Marine Corps Marathon, so you know what that means… I’m feeling fat, gooey, restless and a wee bit congested. Perfect. My taper is right on target.

Now, the fun part is to strategizing how to get to that magical mark of 3:20. I could run even splits with the 3:20 pace group, but I’ve tried that in the past with little success. I could start blazing fast and build up a lead on the 3:20 group, but we all know where that will lead me…straight to the medical tent. I could start with the 3:30 pace group for the first 2-3 miles and then kick it in from there. Or, I could follow some mathematical negative-split formula like the one outlined below and hope that science proves more powerful than sore feet or GI disturbances.

Truth is, I really don’t know how I’ll get there just yet, but I know that I’ve done the work (and then some) to do it. My mind doesn’t work analytically because my emotions get in the way. To me, a display of heart, passion and determination far supercede any set of numbers or splits I could ever throw out there. I will say this: I’m looking so forward to running this race with Shawn, Amy, Richard ,and my new Gazelle buddy Craig. That experience will be far greater than any time goal, especially in our nation’s Capital City. I’m sure our forefathers never had a marathon in mind when they were fighting for our pursuit of happiness!

I’m not one for numbers, but I will throw a few of them out there:

* This is Shawn’s FIRST marathon! (and the stadium crowd roars!!!)

* Current Weather Forecast for Sunday: low 50/high 69 (could be a factor if it gets warm!)

* My race # 23453

* Shawn’s race # 23645

18 thoughts on “Skinning that Cat

  1. you’re gunna do AWEOSME! i can’t believe (but totally can) that after everything you’ve done this year so far, you’re doing a MARATHON now. you’re like the energizer bunny! you keep going… and going… and going…

  2. I have never raced this…but a few of my old colleagues have done this and they just rave about it…. I know you will kick butt…good luck on the sub 3:20…… and all the best to Shawn……very cool…

  3. You guys are going to do great! Don’t sweat the details, just get out there and run and let things fall in place. You have done the work and you know the routine so go kick some major butt!

  4. It’s going to be fun. Shawn, you’re going to do great – all of your half-iron training is going to be damn useful around mile 22 or so. Good weather, good crowds, a fun course – and wine, of course. Must drink lots of wine…#24247 (not racing, but running anyway)

  5. You’ll do awesome – cuz that’s just what you do!! Every time I read about one of your training runs, my jaw drops from amazement and envy. Best of luck to you and Shawn!!!Go get ’em!!!

  6. As for the pace groups that you’ve tried before “with little success” … you do what feels right, but don’t forget that you’re even more of a bad-ass now than you were at your last marathon!

  7. After Twin Cities and my analytical preparation of ‘time goals’ and different scenarios I’m done with that! I missed even my “Bad Day” projection. I’m just going to go run and be happy with what the day gives me.

  8. Good luck at the Marine Corps Marathon. Run it like you feel it…and from your track record you’re going to feel good!! You’re totally primed. Have fun!!! Tell Shawn it’s going to be amazing!

  9. Thanks for the Bib #, I will definitely be cheering for you. Running MCM is one of my goals, I hope that by 2010 I am able to do it, not sure of 2009.Run smart and tall!!!

  10. The course may affect how you want to set your race plan. Look at the course profile and plan to take back time when you get to some of the sustained downhills, easing up on the rolling hills up and on Capitol Hill. The Key Bridge is windy, potentially hot, and includes a grade change. Gird your loins for running the empty parking lots of the Pentagon and some challenging rollers devoid of spectators in the last 6 miles.

  11. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blogs to date. I stumbled across yours while reading Terra Castros. Terra and I met several years ago while her bike flat was being fixed in the transition area of IMAZ a few years ago. Your training has been a great read. Right now, I’m looking to try and run a 3:30 marathon, and I too have a blog that outlines all of my training runs. Thanks for putting your race number out there. I’ll check out the marine Corp Marathon website this weekend and check out your stats. You can do it, as you said, you’ve put in all of the hard work. Go out there and KICK SOME BUTT!

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