Marine Corps Marathon


Avg Pace: 7:39
Distance: 26.23 miles

Quick update from the iPhone since I don’t have laptop access.

This marathon is absolutely spectacular from start to finish. The image of the morning fog on the Potomac will remain with me forever.

In a nutshell, I ran spot-on 7:36 pace until Mile 21 and then I hung on for dear life. According to the Garmin above, I ended with a 7:39 average pace and final time of 3:21:01. However, it took me a couple of secs to stop my watch at the finish. Right now, the official results have me at 3:23:05, but I’m hoping it’s the unadjusted time. Either way, I still had a fantastic day and major PR from my previous 3:29.

Plus, the topper of the day is Shawn who blasted a 4:17 First Time marathon!!! He even ran a great negative split.

Overall, perfect day, weather and results. I highly recommend this race if you get the chance!

P.S. I did update some photos to Facebook. If you’re a member, come be my friend!


16 thoughts on “Marine Corps Marathon

  1. a.maria says:

    7:39 average pace!?!the THOUGHT of that makes me want to throw up.JEEZUS woman. that is SICK.congrats. and don’t ever invite me to run with you — EVER!

  2. Anonymous says:

    carrie, we only met once on the track one day…but i am a fellow buckeye. it seems to me that every time you run a marathon or IM or 1/2IM, our beloved bucks lose a big game. any chance you can make sure not to race when we play michigan and on the bowl game day? thanks. kevin. oh and kick ass race at MCM. amazing.

  3. amybee says:

    WOW WOW WOW WOW!I can’t imagine running that fast for one mile, let alone 26.2! CONGRATS!You’ve really had a great season this year.Your hard work has paid off in a big way.Congrats again.

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