Oval Sticker Overkill!

Triathletes, Runners and Multi-Sport fanatics are anything but humble. Gosh darn it, we’re proud of our achievements and we want to brag, brag, brag. Unfortunately, we’re also rather smug with the multitude of oval sticker displays.

Take for instance–MY CAR (Yes, I have a toaster and LOVE IT)

Let’s start with the Top:

T3: “I’m with the best triathlon team in Austin. Sorry you’re not. Maybe next season…If you can catch us.”

GZL: “No, it’s not guzzle, contrary to what my college drinking years might imply. It means Gazelle. And if you don’t know what that is in Austin, then you’re clearly not a runner.”

140.6: “That, my lowly 5k running friend, is the distance of an Ironman. My car might not get that good of gas mileage, but my body can. Only the best of the best can achieve this, so think twice about being a part of this elite group. Once you enter, you will never leave.”

(The funny thing is that I covered up a 26.2 Boston sticker with the 140.6. How arrogant is that?! Is running freaking Boston no longer good enough for me?!? Wow…)

And my new current favorite (that will NOT make it on the car…but maybe the Vespa)


12 thoughts on “Oval Sticker Overkill!

  1. Love that you covered the Boston one, hahahaha! Love it, Caddy. I am waiting to complete a full one of something to decorate my car. 13.1’s and a future 70.3 just don’t seem honorable yet so I stick with the ol’ USAT one

  2. Darn it! Dave commented before me! Our Element has a 26.2 sticker on it because technically it’s mine. I bought Dave a 26.2 sticker last Christmas for his Prius and he still hasn’t put it on it yet. I guess he’s waiting for something better.

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