Thank You, Thank You!

Just a quick note of thanks for all of your wonderful and loving comments!  I’ve shared them with my brother-in-law and he is definitely comforted by your thoughts. Her Memorial Service was yesterday and there were plenty of “Steel Magnolias” moments where I laughed and cried at the same time. 

We’re in CA now, but still looking forward to hitting Tempe this weekend for Ironman Arizona! Perhaps it will inspire me to get off my tush again 🙂 
Went to Pilates class with Katy last week and had a blast. I’m pretty sure pilates class is another word for, “your core is as squishy as a sponge.” Katy and I giggled our way through due to our embarrassing  lack of flexibility. Seriously, I’m going to continue to incorporate pilates and core into my routines. I’ve yet to see an overweight pilates expert!!
One of these days I’ll catch up on my blog reading 🙂 

5 thoughts on “Thank You, Thank You!

  1. Figures! Just got into Austin yesterday for a couple days. Was sort of in the neighboorhood (Oklahoma over the weekend) and hubby had a conference in Austin. One of these days our paths will cross!

  2. Have fun in Arizona — will be a nice change of “pace” for you after working though the loss of your sister-in-law.I’m not feeling sqishy rhese days — I’d decribe it more as feeling “marshmallow-ish”. Squish would be a big improvement!Sigh.

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