Fun at Ironman Arizona 2008


I had so much fun cheering on some friends at Ironman Arizona last weekend. Can I say that volunteering, cheering and spectating at an Ironman is so much more fun than actually DOING an Ironman?!?!
1.) You can drink…ALCOHOL
2.) You can nap in the middle of the day while everyone else in on their bikes
3.) You can leave the race site, eat lunch, take a shower, come back and STILL wait 3 hours for people to finish
4.) You can gawk and take photos of people’s $10,000 bicycles
5.) You can volunteer and make everyone’s else day so much better
6.) You can have salt in your nutrition, but it comes in the form of chips and salsa
7.) You can lay down in the grass and no one thinks you’re bonking or dehydrated

8.) You don’t have to worry about GU

The Texas Ironman Waterstop! Yee-Freakin’ Haw!!

Greeting Jess after her Kick-Ass 12:18 Ironman debut!!

After 12 hours, she still has a million dollar grin!

Rhonda, Me, Catharine and Alisa with Iron-Michelle (the tan one) after her amazing 12:52 race…a 50 min PR!

Just a few of the T3 athletes and cheering squad in Tempe!

Catharine made the most amazing signs for our teammates.
The rest of us made vodka diet cokes. We helped Catharine put the signs on the course.
She helped us drink the Stoli.

Good Christian Girls

Who Am I Kidding?! While it was so rewarding to cheer this weekend, there really is no substitute for this!!

11 thoughts on “Fun at Ironman Arizona 2008

  1. ha ha – my comment, just after I read the first part of this post, was going to be “you KNOW you were wishing you were out there on the course racing” and then I got to the end. Spectating is fun but it is impossible not to wish you had signed up to race. And I haven’t done one, yet – but I know stuff.

  2. Even with your line about “enjoying the spectating, volunteering, etc..” at the start of your blog, I had already guessed the ending! It’s fun to watch….for awhile and then you want to get out there and suffer with everyone else.

  3. Hope you had a nice holiday, Caddy! glad you had a great time while volunteering. Those tees were just to much! It would be an honor for me to have you out there at my first Ironman.…what am I talking about, must still be in a turkey coma. Ironman, have i lost it. Dayum all these Sunday IM airing on VS have me thinking crazy.

  4. Mmm… ironman tequila beats ironman coffee any day. Still, I’m looking forward to getting to decide which I like better myself… in around 18 months… sigh.. trainy train train…

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