Sunmart 50K Trail Race…Here we Come!

Well, I definitely don’t fancy myself a trail runner, but I’m set to run my second Sunmart 50k Ultra-Marathon this coming Saturday, December 6th. I had an absolute blast last year and am, once again, looking forward to hitting the Texas Trail with training partner Skud and some T3 suckers (oops-I mean teammates) —Vegas, Katy, Charles, Jane and others who are as nutty as I am and find sadistic pleasure in running 32 miles.
The race is known for the fun schwag and the even better waterstop food (cookies, jellybeans, oreos, pbj, boiled potatoes, etc )!
Let the fun begin y’all! Hee haw! Maybe I’ll walk off with another bronze horse age group award. Classic Texas Trophies 🙂

12 thoughts on “Sunmart 50K Trail Race…Here we Come!

  1. so here is what I admire about you — 1) your great writing style, which always amuses me…2) the fact that you are going to run a 50K in less than a week and it seems oh, so “LA DE DAH”.I would have had to train for months and months.You’re kind of like the female Steve Stenzel (Steve in a Speedo, Gross!)GOOD LUCK to you this weekend.

  2. I agree with are the female steve in a speedo, but of course you don’t need to do the gross…toenail shots and stuff… much less the thong shots or whatever…you have fun and you are very fast on top of it all..which is real cool

  3. Ooh, an 50K ultra not far from Austin and in the Dec time frame? I might have to look into this for the future. Good excuse to come back for a visit.Have fun and look forward to hearing how it goes!

  4. Good luch this weekend! I am still thinking about mabye volunteering. I hope I can run into ya. I will shoot ya an email if I do so I can be all I will be the chubby girl with the rose or sumthin’.

  5. Sooo jealous I won’t be in for #4, but I’ll be out there watching and cheering everyone on. I’ll yell extra loud for you!Do you know Clea (on my bloggers list)? She’s from Austin and I think in your AG and will be running too. She and my cousin ran the 50 miler there 3 years ago and are the crazy ones who talked me into doing it the first time.

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