It’s Only a Game Folks

This pic is one of my all-time favorites from our wedding reception. We have the most amazing group of friends in Austin who made the trip to good ‘ol Columbus, Ohio for our wedding in May 2007. Who knew that the friendly Ohio State vs. Texas rivalry in the photo would play out on the big screen again last night in the Fiesta Bowl!? It was certainly a heartbreaking experience for me as my team lost (as per usual) in the last 16 seconds, but it was still an amazing and exhilarating game to watch.

Through the penalties, lead changes, injuries, field goals and missed tackles, neither team gave up, even though the game plans for either team probably weren’t going as planned. Both teams were coming off long breaks and probably weren’t in the best shape with their post-season and post-holiday fitness regime. Texas certainly made adjustments at half-time and came out on fire! OSU adapted and finally got the ball in the endzone. In the end, it took perserverance on the part of the Longhorns to get the win with seconds to spare.

As I enter into week one of 24 weeks of Ironman Coeur D’Alene training, I kinda feel like the players from last night. I’m entering a little “out of sorts” and a tad out of shape. I’m still thinking about last season and haven’t given much thought to this “game.” My head and heart are trying to wrap themselves around this moment. Two days in and I’m already having to improvise and make adjustments to the schedule. Rain and a sinus headache kept me away from both of the morning workouts so far this week. I improvised and did an hour long track workout last night before the game started. After a 2.5 mile warmup, I banged out 6x800s on the track between 3:12-3:15. I’ve got a huge client presentation after work tonight that will keep me from evening spin class. You know what that means? It means that I heat up the oven after the meeting, throw the tenderloin in and spin my butt off on the trainer while the pork is cooking. It might be a missed tackle, but it’s not the end of the game.

Like the players last night, I’ll make the necessary adjustments, miss a few more tackles, have a couple of penalties, and lose the lead every now and then. I also know that at the end of this, I’ll emerge successfully and on top.

Now, why in God’s name couldn’t the Buckeyes do that?!?!?!?


7 thoughts on “It’s Only a Game Folks

  1. ever notice how it’s “just a game” when it’s the other team that wins?? 😀 don’t worry, you’ll more than make up for the Buckeye’s failures!

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