Talk about killing two birds with one stone!! My running Coach Gilbert from “Gilbert’s Gazelles” would be so darn proud!

An official Gazelle Bicycle!!! Being an official Gazelle helped me become a faster runner. I wonder if riding a Gazelle would help me to become a faster cyclist?!

On a related note: I want to give special thanks to my T3 Teammates Allison and Jane B. for being so generous with their bicycles. My Guru has been off being repainted since early December and Allison let me borrow her ultra-sweet Cervelo roadie for the last month. Alas, she rightfully needs it to kick ass in a road race, so Jane has generously stepped up to the plate to lend me hers for the next couple of weeks. Thanks Ladies!!

I heard from Zane at Jack and Adam’s today, and while my bike colors will remain the same (despite my recent disgust with Ohio State), the paint scheme should be the newer 2008 design. So…if everything is done correctly (fingers crossed), my bike will look something like this:

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