Weekend Ironman Training

Saturday 50 Mile Ride

 know this is only the beginning, but I was actually looking forward to yesterday’s 50 mile bike ride. It’s one of my favorite routes on Fitzhugh Road. Interesting scenery, challenging climbing, and fewer cars who’s mission it is to run you over.  I swear, our routes on Slaughter Road scare me sometimes. Do you think it has anything to do with the name of the road?? On the way back, you lose the road shoulder and cars are passing within inches sometimes. 

I headed out with a nice solid pack of T3ers and we managed to stay together for most of the ride, albeit a red light or two would hold some back at times. We stopped just a couple of times to make sure our “group” was still in tact, but everyone was looking and riding strong!  We ended up finishing the route in about 16.5 mph, which is perfect for that route and this time of year. 
I rode Jane’s Tri bike and while we’re about the same size, I definitely have to do some saddle height adjustments. I was pretty sore and achy when I finished…classic sign of being in the wrong position on the bike. My quads and hams were like jelly and my back and shoulders were really tight. Ah…can’t wait to get my damn bike back so that I can stop inconveniencing others.
Sunday Swim/Run Brick

Today was T3s annual 100x 100 class!  Sets of 100m repeats, with the goal for some completing all 10,000m or 6.2 miles!! That was so NOT my goal because I had to run as well today, but I managed to get in 5,000m or 3.2 miles of swimming, which far exceeds anything I’ve ever done before. Even the Ironman swim is “only” 2.4 miles. Take that Ironman…Too bad I can’t use fins in the race! I’m sorry I missed the entire class because as I was leaving, Coach Mo was on the pool deck making pancakes, eggs and bacon! I grabbed a pancake with peanut butter and banana on my way out of the pool…happy with the way my morning had started 🙂
I got home at 10am in time to start my 11 mile run. I guess I’m a glutton for punishment because I actually started down Exposition and did Mt. Bonnell and Scenic before heading to the trail for the rest of the run. The awesome news is that I averaged 8:15’s  overall for this challenging run! I was definitely getting tired at the end, but that has everything to do with nutrition (or lack thereof). I didn’t bring any gels with me, so the last two miles were a bit hazy even though I kept the pace. 
Unbeknownst to me, Little Miss Runner Pants was taking some photos at the pool…Here are a few of those!
Watch out Michael Phelps!
That white cap and blue goggles are *SEXY*
Such a wonderful day to start the morning!

7 thoughts on “Weekend Ironman Training

  1. Crap, I read that you did all this training and I think you are nuts, then I realize, oops I did that too, I am nutty too. Damn your blog. heeheehee.katyd

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