8 Seconds–More than a Bull Riding Competition

Carrie Barrett’s 3M Half-Marathon Results

OK–not that it matters in the grand scheme of life, but it does matter to my pride and integrity.

When I finished Sunday’s 3M Half-Marathon, my Garmin read 1:32:54 when I stopped it.

However when official results were posted, I was credited for a 1:33:00-1:33:01 race (depending on which results you viewed). Thrilled with my PR and 8th place age group finish, I was still perplexed as to why my Garmin was so off from the official time. Did I stop it at some point on the run? Did I start it late? Am I that bad at timing? Am I imagining these PRs?

The same thing happened last Fall at the Marine Corps Marathon so I was beginning to think I’m crazy in the head…

Until the Official Photos were published this week:

That’s me stepping on the mat in what clearly reads on the Official Gun Time clock as 1:35:15. (FYI–I beat the Nike Shirt chick who is all in black just behind me) 🙂 See previous posts…

Now, if you scroll back up to my official results and look at my Gun Time, it reads, 1:35:23

The difference?! 8 FREAKIN SECONDS!!!

Or, a 1:32:53

Or a 6th place age group finish!

Again–not a big deal in life, but it solidifies in my mind that I am not a cheater or liar.

I did OFFICIALLY break my 1:33 goal mark (even though someone hasn’t changed the official results yet) 🙂

7 thoughts on “8 Seconds–More than a Bull Riding Competition

  1. Weird-o-rama. My chip time was 2 seconds faster than my Garmin time, which I figure is about right because I turn it on at the first of two chip mats at the start and off at the second of two at the finish. You got robbed!! But you still ran great.

  2. 1) You are a rockstar and2) I’d be complaining to some race officials. Same thing happened to me a while back and it was the difference between breaking 2 hours and NOT breaking two hours.

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