I Got My Blog Back!!

Woo Hoo!! For some reason, Blogger marked my blog as “spam” over the weekend and decided to take it down unbeknownst to me. I went to update on Sunday and it was gone…vanished…stolen…kidnapped.  Panic set in and I took the necessary steps to rescue my baby!

Fortunately, Blogger realized the only thing I’m selling is a fun positive lifestyle and I have no real ransom.  It returned to me unharmed (but a little tainted) yesterday evening!
I’ll be updating soon!!  I need some advice on how to run the Austin Marathon this weekend. Yep–I’m running a marathon on Sunday!

7 thoughts on “I Got My Blog Back!!

  1. Did they just return it on its own or did you contact someone? I only ask because I can’t get a response from them about un-deleting my blog!Hooray for getting it back though!

  2. That was awful. I was starting to go into withdrawal. I figured you must have broken down and posted some porn or something when I wasn’t looking. Glad you’re back!

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