3:27:58 at Austin Marathon

The Austin Marathon is in the can with a 3:27:58!

34th overall female out of 1583
8th in my age group (Women 35-39) out of  270
Official Results HERE!
I’ll take it after a week that consisted of no tapering and definitely not enough rest!  I rode 60 miles on Thursday afternoon, ran 5 miles on Friday, swam an hour and rode 35 miles on Saturday AND performed 2 comedy shows on Saturday night!
Not exactly a taper I would recommend for future races.
I owe many thanks to Brian and Frank (just behind me in this photo). I raced their plan for the first half of this very tough course and it totally paid off on the back half.
Complete story including pics and videos from my Gag Reflex Comedy Show coming soon!

12 thoughts on “3:27:58 at Austin Marathon

  1. And, of course, that stand-up show ran past midnight on Saturday night. And you <>insisted<> that you weren’t racing it.One of these days, I’d love to have one of your “not racing it” runs… you badass, you…

  2. amazing. its pretty clear that all your IM training and many, many miles has given you a huge aerobic base that you can pull a 327 w/ no taper while training for an IM. most impressive.

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