What Army Am I Feeding?

I packed an insanely, ridiculous, hilarious amount of food for work today!

No, I won’t eat it all in one day, but I probably could! Want a sampling??

* Morning Star Veggie Sausage
* carrots
* clementines
* avacado slices
* pita bread
* tomato
* hummus
* kashi GO LEAN Crunch
* raw romaine for salad

* oil/fat free balsalmic vinegar

* sunflower seeds
* peanut butter balance bar (this is my candy bar)
* diet coke (my evil vice)

So, what’s for lunch???

9 thoughts on “What Army Am I Feeding?

  1. Clif Kid Z Bar’s are my new candy bars. They are awesome…you should try one if you haven’t. The brownie one is 120 calories and my favorite, and the honey graham is 130 calories, and in a close second place.

  2. Looks good to me. Then again, I had oatmeal, grape nuts, a kiwi fruit, soy milk, grapes, raisins, uncle sam cereal, kashi brand shredded wheat, half a grapefruit, flax seed, and walnuts, just for breakfast 🙂No diet coke is the hard part, though, I have to admit. And I still have a latte a day…

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