I’m Taking It As A Compliment

“Are you ever NOT in workout clothes?”

That’s how I was greeted by my co-worker Matt when I first got to work this morning. Normally, I would give him a dirty look and retreat to my office feeling completely humiliated and disgusted at the implication that I dress like a slob.

I did none of the above. I took it as a compliment.

I don’t make a habit of wearing yoga capris, running shoes and my Longhorn 70.3 ball cap to work (with no makeup), but today was a slight exception.

I went to Cross Fit Training at 6:30am and then headed to the pool around 7:30am. My plan was to swim/drill for an hour, take a quick shower at the gym, and then detour home quickly, dry my hair, put on makeup, adorn myself in the proper work attire (fancy jeans and t-shirt) and still be at my desk by 9:30am. In my office, that’s getting to work right on time.

Mother Nature FINALLY unleashed some much needed rain this morning rendering all Austin commuters completely inept and insane. What’s normally a 15 minute jaunt up Mopac was turning into a least an hour. As it was, I was already going to stroll in at the crack of 10am. So….I looked down and decided that at least I was wearing clothes (sans bra–TMI). I could throw on my ball cap and still get the same amount of work done even while resembling a dude. (albeit a triathlete stud dude)

So, I walk in and Matt greets me with his version of “Good Morning.”

He’s right though…my coworkers sometimes see me in the morning after a run, changing clothes before an afternoon run or bike ride, and at Happy Hour post-corture class. I’m definitely not setting any style records, but those aren’t the records I’m trying to set.

I’m just fortunate enough to work for and with a group of people who are accepting of my wardrobe malfunctions. (and who aren’t completely judgemental when I show up in my PJs).

They expect nothing less from this professional Advertising Executive.


6 thoughts on “I’m Taking It As A Compliment

  1. Well, I know lots of people who carry extra workout clothes in their cars all the time so they can get a workout in unexpectedly. Sounds like you need to carry extra work clothes in case you need to do some work unexpectedly. 🙂

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