My Hot Date This Weekend

Today at lunch I’m having my initial baseline testing done on the Computrainer. I’m a little nervous as it presents “test anxiety” and, therefore, “performance anxiety.” I want to ride strong, but not blow it all out too quickly. (Now I know how guys feel) Apparently, it will show me everything I need to know about kicking butt on the Ironman Coeur D’Alene course. Well…maybe not kicking butt…but finishing with enough dignity to put together a decent marathon after 112 hilly miles on the bike. I’m anxious for the information and hope I don’t fail the test. The information will be used in subsequent rides as I plan on riding the CDA course on the computrainer at least once a month until the big day.
One thing I want to know is: Does it tell you how to make your butt stop hurting from being in the saddle that long?

7 thoughts on “My Hot Date This Weekend

  1. As your ride the CDA IM course I suggest you visualize snow all over the course. That would give you a picture of how things currently look up here. Plus we are dang cold at the moment!I hope you enjoy your training rides and rock on your baseline test.

  2. You needn’t worry too much over the CdA course. I found it to be much more manageable than IMWI. There is some up and down, but you’ll also note there are long stretches where you can get into a rhythm and make up time without killing yourself.

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