Sunmart Trail Race cancelled :-(

I learned yesterday from my friend Charles that the Sunmart 50K/50 Mile Trail Race in Huntsville, Texas has been cancelled.  Anyone know why??  

Wow…my Fall plans are now changing daily. I was going to sign up for the Pikes Peak Ascent in August, but realized I have a client obligation that very same weekend in Dallas. Now, I’m not doing the Sunmart race as planned…
I’m staying away from commitments in October because hubster and I are laying down so tentative plans for an African safari…Wait…I wonder if there’s a marathon in Africa during that same time!?!?!  (How freaking cool would that be). We really would be running from the lions. I’d have to put my Gazelle experience to work for reals…
I’m also signed up for the Kona lottery so maybe the stars are aligning for me…hmmm….
Other thoughts–California International Marathon (lay down a fast race) or Honolulu Marathon. I believe both are in December.
Stay tuned to “As the Marathon Turns…”

6 thoughts on “Sunmart Trail Race cancelled :-(

  1. Oh my gosh I’m so incredibly bummed out about the Sunmart cancellation! That was my December 2009 race. I wonder if they will ever bring it back and if this is permanent. Terrible. In other news I have a good friend who is doing CIM and was trying to convince me to do it too. I was considering it.

  2. Yes – the Tahoe Rim and then come down and cheer me across the finish line at Vineman. Excellent plan!CIM is a great race. People love it although the weather can be iffy. It is net down hill, though. Gotta love that!

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