Boring Numbers

Computrainer Report Coming Soon…In the meantime…

Between blogs, training logs, twitter, facebook and all of the other ways of disseminating useless information to people that pretend to care, I’ve neglected to post numbers from recent workouts. I’ve put them in my private training logs, but here they are for the world to see…

Most of these mean nothing to you, but I love being able to search “1000s” on my blog and have every post about 1000s pop up so that I can compare times from the last few years…

So—this post is all for me 🙂

Monday, March 9th
T3 PM Run Workout:

6 x800 meter repeats on the Meridan Hills…not your typical 800m track workout. Therefore, the splits aren’t reflective of track speed. These hills don’t mess around.
(pacing of 7:44 down to 7:21)

Wednesday, March 11th
T3 PM Run Workout 7 x1000m on the track
Set 1
Half Marathon Pace 4:35
10K Pace 4:17
5K Pace 4:03

Set 2
Half Marathon Pace 4:27
10K Pace 4:17
5K Pace 4:02

Last Repeat-Give it what ya got 3:52
Thanks Michelle and Suzanne for pushing me through this one!! Good times…

Barton Springs Open Water Swim
Used my new Xterra Vortex and it was AWESOME…kinda felt like I was cheating. My splits were 15-30 faster than ever per 400! Did 7 laps total for 2800m of open water. So happy that Barton Springs is back open!!!

7:42 woo hoo!

By the end, I was actually getting really warm in the wetsuit, which is a good thing for the frigid waters of Coeur D’Alene!

15 Mile Run Avg Pace 8:38
My friend Amy and I took a different course than outlined and ran up Exposition to Westover to Bull Creek to Hancock and back for a ton of hill work. This was a very comfy pace for me and she kept telling me to pick it up, but I was fine taking it “easy.” I was gearing up for my wonderful Computrainer ride and didn’t want to not be as fresh as I could be for the beast!

Also thrown in were a couple of T3 Swim workouts, Anaerobic threshold test on the bike, Spin class, two Crossfit workouts and a couple of other runs as well!! Too much to detail these days it seems!!!

The Good News is that I’m on Week 3 of no meat, chicken, fish or dairy and still feeling good!!!


One thought on “Boring Numbers

  1. This post made me giggle. I’m not used to seeing many numbers as I’m seeing recently on my workouts (never worried much about speed, pace, HR, etc) and getting somewhat overwhelmed by them. Maybe the thing I should do is write them down somewhere so I can compare them a few years from now like you’re doing!

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