The Sweetest Man

Do I have the most creative husband, or what?!?

So, I get home from swim class this morning and there’s a chinese food takeout box on the counter with a card on top. Hmmmm….A rolodex of dates goes through my mind…We met on January 9th, 2005…Nope, today isn’t the 9th. We were married on May 26th…Nope, today isn’t the 26th…

But it is St. Patrick’s Day and Barrett is kinda Irish…
I open the card and it’s all veggie sushi…mmmmmmmmm…How did he find a VEGGIE sushi card (since I’m not eating any fish right now)?!
I open the container and it’s the coolest marathon shirt ever…the turn to the BOSTON MARATHON finish line!! I’m sure Boylston is packed with drunken leprechans today in America’s Most Irish City…Gotta love Beantown!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day and I’ll be seeing Boylston again soon 🙂


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