Look Out Pulitzer!

Woo Hoo!! I’m a paid journalist! 🙂 Well, actually anyone who gets their “Gun Lap” submission printed gets $50 from “Runner Triathlete News” Magazine.

Where will I spend my fortune?!? Unfortunately, $50 doesn’t buy much in the world of triathlon! Maybe a couple of power gels and some new 650 tubes…Awesome…

Either way, I couldn’t help but beam with a little pride at getting a check for writing a piece in an actual triathlon publication.

Call me a dork. Everyone else does.

FYI–this was the piece that was published:



8 thoughts on “Look Out Pulitzer!

  1. I loved that piece. Worth far more than $50, but hey…great start!! Just don’t go changing your name to anything like “Danielle Steele” 🙂

  2. Incredible. Perfect thread to read (original post) when I think I’m losing my own battle of speed. Thanks so much for sharing. Enjoy spending the well deserved $50 buckaroos!

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