Mile Repeats: I Didn’t Die

The parents are back safely in Ohio from their visit and we are getting back to normal around these parts. I stayed on my Engine 2 eating plan for the most part while they were here, but was a little sloppy about drinking, portion sizes, chips/salsa, etc.  We went to Sullivan’s Steakhouse and I brought my own whole grain bread and ate veggies only. We went to Hula Hut and I had a veggie enchilada with no cheese and corn tortillas. We went to Salt Lick BBQ and I brought my own bread and hummus!!  Over the next few days, I’m going to clean up my diet and then get my cholesterol checked next week. I’ll definitely post how it goes! From a weight standpoint, I’m about 6-8 pounds down over the last 40 days. (depending on what day and moment I hop on the scale). I’m happy with that because it’s a very healthy 1lb per week average. 
This week was also back to “normal” on the training plan, albeit a little begrudgingly. Spin classes, swim classes, track workoutes, etc.  Last night we even did 6 x 1 Mile Repeats on the track. I was a little “Negative Nelly” when I got there thinking that Mile repeats weren’t the smartest workout three days after a half-ironman. In no uncertain terms, I was told to suck it up and start running. Coach L prescribed the tempo for each one and made sure I didn’t kill myself since I was still a little beat up from the race.
Mile 1: 7:13
Mile 2: 7:08
Mile 3: 7:00
Mile 4: 6:52
Mile 5: 6:57
Mile 6: 6:32
I’ll be damned if they didn’t feel pretty good once I got the first one under my belt. I definitely could’ve moved faster on each one, but 6 of them felt a little daunting. I’m glad I paced it correctly and didn’t try to bust ass on each one.
After the torture, several folks walked over to our place for some post-track libation! What a perfect way to end a tough workout and to celebrate our race successes…It made it soooo worth it! 
I also found out that I qualified for USAT Nationals in the FALL!  WOOT! I’ll drink to that (like I need an excuse)
Coming up this weekend–I’ll be spending my Easter morning in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho…by way of the Computrainer once again. 
Plus, I’m riding 75 on Friday and running 16 on Saturday. 

7 thoughts on “Mile Repeats: I Didn’t Die

  1. 75 on Friday and the Computrainer later? Wow… Me = in awe.BTW, I’m still all over the Salt Lick’s potato salad, bread, and slaw. Not completely E2, but a pretty reasonable compromise… to me at least.

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