Is this even legal??

I saw this photo posted on from last weekend’s Oceanside 70.3 race.  If this is legal, what the hell have I been busting my butt for?!?!   That’s it…my Vespa scooter has just officially become my new tri bike.

10 thoughts on “Is this even legal??

  1. yup it’s legal. You do get a 5 minute penalty for looking like a dork though.It might be more fun to combine this with a shark fin on the back, for those ocean swims

  2. Yeah, I read on some tri forum those were ligeal.. crazy eh? I bet we’re gonna start seeing them more and more… PS – Nice job on your first tri of the season, great pics too!P

  3. That would be awesome! I’m such a slow swimmer that it might actually be worth the 5 minute penalty. But no, I’ll resist the urge to try it.

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