Whatcha Got In There?!

Look out Wildflower Triathlon, here I come with the WORLD’S LARGEST TRI-BAG EVER!!

I mean, it’s no secret that I’m of petite stature. At 5′ 1,” on a “tall” day, I’m never going to do a high jump, slam dunk a basketball, or even reach something on the top shelf at the grocery. Up until this point, I was o.k. with that…

But this is freaking ridiculous. Did TYR have to make a bag that is almost as tall as me?! Do we need to haul around that much crap for a one-day event?! Is it necessary to own a transition bag that I can fit into?! At least if I keel over, there’s already a body bag in my transition area!

Those LA chicks and their big designer bags ain’t got nuthin’ on me!!

I’m afraid to see it when I actually fill it with race gear! Anyone want to be my sherpa?
Imagine the goodies we can put in this bag!


12 thoughts on “Whatcha Got In There?!

  1. Holy crap! You found a bag bigger than mine!

    I am laughing and trying not to. We are such pack rats.

    Let me know if those rumors of the naked co-eds at one of the run aid stations is true or not. Have a great journey.

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