Come to Mama!

This little guy is on his way to me as we speak! My Erin Baker’s Tri Team 2009 Kestrel Airfoil Pro! Special thanks to Steve at Kestrel Bikes for being so patient with me as I went back and forth on my questions, measurements, and even style of bike I wanted to order. I went back and forth more times than I want to count, but finally (after hours of discussion, lost nights of sleep, and ultimate relenting), settled on the Airoil Pro SL! 

Also, here are first pics where I’m sporting my Erin Baker’s Race Kit. I pulled the ultimate “no-no” and raced in an outfit I’d never even tried on! In fact, I didn’t remove the tags until race morning. Guess what? It worked out perfectly!

6 thoughts on “Come to Mama!

  1. The race kit is cool! Like the white on the shorts. Look forward to your thoughts on the new bike.

    Good job at Wildflower. The pics are a nice added bonus!

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