Weekend Adventure

Shawn informed me yesterday that we’re taking a secret vacation this weekend to celebrate my birthday! I couldn’t hide the panic and stress realizing that not only am I swamped at work (and will no doubt be working on my vacation), but that this is also the final long, LONG weekend of Ironman training…115-120 mile bike and 18-20 mile run. 

He assured me we would NOT miss a key workout. In fact, aside from “warm weather clothes,” I’m instructed to bring my pedals, shoes, saddle and bike helmet.  
It’s going to be an interesting weekend no doubt–wherever the airplane takes us!!

6 thoughts on “Weekend Adventure

  1. Hmm. IM CdA preview ride perhaps? Flying to Africa to bike down the shallow side of Kilimanjaro? Who knows?

    Don’t forget the wrench for your pedals too, while you’re at it. That’d suck to not have.

  2. I knew I liked Shawn but this seals the deal. My husband would never be that creative. Have a great weekend and I cannot wait to hear all about it.

    Happy Birthday!

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