A Perfect (and I mean that) Birthday Week

The last few weeks have been nothing short of spectacular, overwhelming, fun, fulfilling, stressful, humbling, relaxing and everything else in between.

A long awesome weekend in Central/So Cal after the Wildflower Triathlon with my bro-in-law was followed up by a wonderfully relaxing Mother’s Day weekend in San Antonio with my in-laws. I say ‘relaxing,’ in the only way someone training for an Ironman can mean it. That is to say that in between wonderful meals (Thanks Kay for the vegan chick pea patties!!!), wine, and sleep, we also squeezed in a 95 mile bike ride and a 20 mile run, plus church, plus Mother’s Day brunch (for more great food and champagne).
I was prepared for an incredibly busy week at work when my perfect (and I mean that) husband told me he had planned a secret weekend trip for my birthday and our anniversary. He could see the stress on my face and promised that we wouldn’t miss our long workouts (another 20 mile run and a 100 mile ride). I wasn’t so much worried about that as I was about the looming work deadlines for the week. However, three intense days of working from morning until well past my bedtime, and I was able to escape!!
And escape we did…to San Francisco and Napa Valley.
God, I love this man. (Warning to all other men: Take Heed and Follow these Simple Photos)

There was chilled birthday champagne in our hotel room overlooking the Bay.

There was a pre-mapped 20-mile run that took us across the Golden Gate Bridge, down through Golden Gate Park, around the Presidio and up and down a few hills along the way.

Every meal was planned at wonderful vegetarian restaurants including Herbivore, Seed, and my favorite, Cafe Gratitude. Here, you order vegan items called, “I am Enlightened,” “I am Beautiful,” and “I am Joyful” (just to name a few)

In an attempt to continually do this…

We ended up here…where a private cottage awaited on top of the valley.

There were plenty of great vines for which to be grateful…and we were

very grateful

On my birthday, Shawn found an organized century ride that included two mountain passes, miles around Napa, lakes, vineyards, etc. It was so very difficult, but spectacular. Temps were well over 100 that day and we held our own quite nicely. You’ll also notice that my perfect (and I mean that) husband had also rented two great light carbon fiber bikes for our excursion!

One of our best meals was at a place called Ubuntu, which means “humanity towards others.” Again, the food was artful and over the top, as was the decor inside. It also doubles as a yoga studio.

When we returned home, my box of goodies from my sponsors and Erin Baker’s Wholesome Baked Goods was there waiting to be opened! Sponsors hooked us up with visors, food, nuun, bottles, goggles, and great discounts on top-of-the-line gear.

When I went to work the next day, these boxes were waiting for me…my new Kestrel bicycle and our Computrainer for the house!

My perfect (and I mean that) husband had planned and executed the perfect weekend getaway, but it wasn’t over there. When I peeked inside the bike box, I received another surprise. He had called Steve from Kestrel bikes behind my back and switched my bike order.

Airfoil Pro Special Edition

To all of you that are asking the questions right now, let me go ahead and answer them for you. “YES,” I do realize how lucky I am… and “NO,” I don’t know what he sees in me either.
…and I mean that!

9 thoughts on “A Perfect (and I mean that) Birthday Week

  1. greyhound says:

    Hubster, you’re busting the curve. Stupid gunner.

    BTW, doesn’t every place in Northern California double as a yoga studio? The Bay Area is sort of like musical theater, except instead of everyone suddenly breaking into song, they spontaneously break out into poses.

    Downward dog . . . breathe everone . . . use your inner eye. . .

  2. Viv says:

    It looked like an amazing birthday/anniversary weekend. With goodies at home when you got back. Awesome Carrie! Girl before i know it you are going to turn all pro in fornt of my very eyes, (so to speak). The new bike is looking BADDDD! Since you keep going to ol school concerts thought i would use appropiate verbage 😉

  3. ShirleyPerly says:

    What a FANtASTIC weekend getaway!! Can you believe I grew up in the S.F. Bay Area and HATED it? And Monterey too, where we lived before moving to FL?
    I’m glad you have been enjoying it out there. I need to get back there someday …

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