The Joy of Text Messaging

Three subsequent texts to my phone this morning before 6:30am…(The senders shall remain anonymous unless they’d like to announce themselves)

Texter #1 Maybe Open Water Swim on Sunday instead

Texter #2 Head hurts. Swim later

Texter #3 damn it…overslept 😦 Have a great swim

Now, the smug person in me would like to have said, “Hmph…lazy people. I swam and they didn’t…ha ha. I’ll show them who the real Ironman is…”

What I really said was, “Who the hell keeps texting me this early when I’m trying to sleep?!? Oh…oops…I’m supposed to be at Barton Springs right now.”

Can you tell we’re at the end of our training and we’re all basically burnt to a crisp?

One month to go…

5 thoughts on “The Joy of Text Messaging

  1. Ha! Right there with you. I actually did get out of bed and swim this morning, but I hadn’t swam since Sunday!!!

    Heading your way tonight. Very excited about the change of scenery!

  2. I sent a text message to Blythe at 6:00 a.m. saying “running late”…because I hit snooze and couldn’t get up at 5:15! Yes, we’re all at that point:)

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