Here’s How You Know Ironman is Two Weeks Away

Our fridge is empty (with the exception of beer and prosecco)
But our race nutrition pantry is stocked and loaded!
The laundry has piled up for days

My toes look like hell. I’m in dire need of a pedicure.

I’m sporting the quad tan line from my tri shorts
My roots are a hideous shade of Cruella Da Ville silver (until Wednesday-thank God!)

T3 Chicks are bonding over happy hour in honor of Coach Pain (I’m taking the photo)

…and I’m trying out my new gear!  
14 days to go and I. CAN’T. WAIT.
(to have a normal life again) 🙂


6 thoughts on “Here’s How You Know Ironman is Two Weeks Away

  1. I do think that your new Kestral made you faster! You were lightning fast on that thing. Thanks for the great training day yesterday. I really enjoyed it and we will have to do it again. This time, you and Shawn need to come out and ride the windy flats in Galveston with me and Greyhound.

  2. Hey there – I just found your blog through Molly Muppetdogs…

    Great pictures! The fridge and training/race food look really familiar – I'm doing IM CDA as well… it'll be my first, though! Super excited (but nervous as well). I absolutely LOVE the fact that you and the hubby are doing it together. That is just amazing – I wish I could get mine to even go for a run with me. 🙂 But Nate and I enjoy wine as well…so it's great to see how often you tour vineyards and break up the training with trips to wineries. We live out in Carlsbad, CA and are members of a local winery – and THAT has been awesome to visit post training.

    Keep up the great work and enjoy the taper!

  3. those socks look clean!
    your pantry looks familiar.
    you are brave to post a pic of your feet…mine are horrible!
    omg!!! you look so freaking strong holding your bike!
    I am so looking forward to cheering you on at CdA!! I won't even get to take a nap because you'll be done so fast! woo hoo!!!

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