A Little Snag…and Breaking the Rules of Racing 101

In the files of, “I really didn’t need THIS to happen,” I went to put on my wetsuit yesterday afternoon for a swim at the Quarry and noticed two sizeable holes in it!! Now, I don’t have fingernails sharp or long enough , but perhaps that’s what happened when I pulled it over my hips! Seriously, I looked down and was surprised to see these tears. They were NOT there on Friday during my Barton Springs swim. I’ve only had the wesuit since March too! I’ve contacted Xterra customer service, but their warranty doesn’t cover generic tears or holes that might be considered fingernail punctures. Personally, I think it’s a crock to have a wetsuit only last two months before that even happens, especially since I’m always extra careful when putting it on too. I guess I get a crash course on wetsuit cement this week, which is soooo not what I was looking forward to!

While I’m at it, I’m adding to the Ironman stress this week by deciding to ride the new Kestrel Airfoil Pro for Ironman instead of the Guru Crono. I’ve trained on the Guru for 5 months and have had exactly one 50 mile ride on the Kestrel. However, I must say, the bike felt great and comfortable. Plus, it fulfills my Erin Baker’s Tri Team obligation of racing an Ironman on the bike! Hell, it worked for Chrissie Wellington, right? (That’s my lame excuse). She borrowed someone else’s bike and won Kona! I’m going to give it a couple more short easy spins this week to make sure, but I’m going for it. I’ve got until Thursday to decide because that’s when the bikes get loaded on the Tri Bike Transport trucks and we won’t see them until the 18th!

Nothing like a little self-induced stress to make the next two weeks full of excitement!
Call me Crazy!!!!!

7 thoughts on “A Little Snag…and Breaking the Rules of Racing 101

  1. etg says:

    Carrie – I'm rebelling with you. I just got new goggles yesterday (will try them this week…my other ones fog so badly I figure it's worth a shot). I got new running shoes last week (seem to be okay and on their way to being broken in by race day). And I got my bike seat adjusted last week (granted, it involved moving it to the height that it should have been at all along!). And, after falling out of love with my wetsuit last Friday, I even emailed Chrissie to inquire about swimming in a sleeveless wetsuit (that I have not practiced in at all)…not going to do it but the thought crossed my mind! Now to hope that not too many of our coaches are reading this and preparing their “see you later, Elizabeth” speech. Never a dull moment for tapering women, huh?!

  2. Shorey says:

    Jack can glue that suit up for you in a flash – same thing happened to me a couple of years ago, and the glued holes have never made an appearance again.

  3. CoachLiz says:

    When using the wetsuit cement, apply it using a toothpick so that you can spread it along the edge of the tear.

    I have had to do many wetsuit repairs. Keep your nails trimed, grab with the pads of your fingers, and do repairs fast so they do not grow.

    Yup, the bike is the bomb! Now, just get another bottle cage and install it properly. LOL!

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