Major Tuneup Action

I’m chillaxin‘ on the blogging porch after a Sunday of taper-extreme.  I did do an 8-mile run this morning, but it was ultimately pathetic and pretty much my slowest run of the year. The humidity didn’t help and the PMS (and subsequent water retainage) also didn’t make for a speedy run. Mostly, I’m blaming it on the taper and all of the sluggishness that goes along with it. I’ve also spent the last few days making and attending various doctor’s appointments in an effort to tune up my own engine for it’s long road trip one week from today.

If you follow this blog or know me, you’ve no doubt heard me mention the occasional numbness in my right  hip flexor/quad region that pops up every now and again. Well, in recent runs, it has popped up with regularity turning an otherwise nuisance into a debilitating experience. It’s my own fault. I first made mention in January during the 3M Half Marathon. Yep–that was six months ago and I’ve chosen the week before an Ironman to visit good ‘ol Dr. Sellers at Performance Wellness. Actually, that was spurred by Austinite and Professional Triathlete James Bonney who overheard me talking to Michelle about it at the Quarry a few weeks ago. He recommended a little A.R.T. (Active Release Technique), which is essentially part stretching and part massage with a large dose of torture. No wonder I’ve been putting it off.
The diagnosis?  Some nerve entrapment due to my hips being slightly out of adjustment. The cause? Weak glutes, overuse and lack of stretching…duh…Guess I’m not a “hard ass” after all. I’ve gone for a couple of treatments that have also included some ultrasound work and electric shocks (or something like that, right Eric??)  Hopefully it will be “tolerable” during the little marathon portion of the race.
I also contracted a little bladder infection last week too, requiring a visit to my GP. I think the taper is making me fall apart!! It sucks enough to pee in a cup and have someone tell you that you have some blood in your urine, but it sucks even worse when that P.A.-C is a member of your tri club and a reader of your blog (shout out to CL!)  Actually, we had an amazing conversation about racing, training, attitudes, bikes, sharks and dead people! Oh yeah–and hoo ha antibiotics.  I’m pretty sure I’m well on the mend, but think the new bike saddle might be the culprit. 
The rest of the week involves more pleasant appointments such as a lovely massage tomorrow night and a pedicure before I leave. I had my hair cut and highlighted last week, so at least I don’t look like Cruella D’Avil anymore. I might not race like a lady, but I’ll feel like one.
I’m looking at the clock and it says 6:21pm. With all the luck I can muster, I should be in my last couple of miles of the marathon next week at Ironman Coeur D’Alene. With these few small exceptions, I am feeling fantastic, as is hubster.
We leave on Thursday morning and I’ll be sending along information on how to follow our progress on race day! Last year was awesome because I had friends updating my blog on a regular basis throughout the day. Not sure how that will play out this year, but I’ll do my best!
Let the countdown begin!

9 thoughts on “Major Tuneup Action

  1. Heya, I hear this from so many people who train well for a long time, that they get sick or sore or whatever as soon as the tapering begins. My hack philosophy is that the body is not stressed anymore and takes time to let itself be a little vulnerable. My personal experience is that a little bit of something makes for a much better race, maybe because it makes me a little more cautious or humble or focused going into it. Some of my worst races were when everything felt perfect leading up! Hope you and the hub both have a great time, in both senses of the word. Go get 'em!

  2. “Nerve entrapment”? Eww… glad it seems to be something you've got under control. Remember, don't do anything at CdA that'll prevent you from a really nice age group finish at StG next year so that we can celebrate together!

  3. I have a similiar situation with my legs and hips. When the dr told me the diagnosis, I said, “so you are saying I've got a lazy ass”. he laughed and then said “yes”.

  4. Yep, tapering has a funny way of making all sorts of aches & pains arise. Glad you had a chance to finally find out what was going on with that hip/quad thing.

    Good luck this weekend!!

  5. I remember feeling like I was falling apart that last week before Arizona. Just focus on lots of sleep and a good diet.

    You are going to do awesome this weekend and so is Shawn!

  6. I hate tapering! It seems like every little ache and pain decides to step forward to see if they can be the one to scuttle your race. I'm sure you guys will do just great – bib #1692!

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