My New Best Friend

Disregard the orange hue that is resonating from the all-new Computrainer room! Now that we’ve returned to reality and recovered from the fantasy world of Ironman, it’s time to get back to work and focus on some cycling strength and techniques! (that will no doubt help my running as well!)

The Computrainer has a 20-week Performance Improvement Guarantee Program and I’m following the specific key workouts as closely as possible, all with the intention of improving my riding skills. The easiest place to make up a lot of time in a long-course race is the bike and it hasn’t been a particular strength of mine–until now.

By the time Ironman St. George rolls around next May, hubster and I will be certified mountain goats! Someone even suggested that we turn the Computrainer room into a hypoxic chamber where we can simulate altitude training by making the air thinner…

Don’t tempt me…


10 thoughts on “My New Best Friend

  1. Oooh… now I'm actually regretting not jumping in with you guys on that buy 🙂

    Of course, knowing you, those are probably in addition to the full T3 schedule, right?

  2. Hi Carrie,

    Congratulations on all your racing success. I like your blogging style too. How did you do with the CT P.I.G. program?
    …and you just won a pair of CompuTrainer Racesox and a CT head band for this cool post.

    Enjoy every Ride.


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