Lazy, Lazy, Lazy!!
There’s no other word for ignoring the hell out of this blog recently. Yeah right…Laziness is hardly the case. Quite the opposite indeed! Lots and lots of Computrainer cycling, strength training, core and T3 swimming. I’m still not running, but hope to pick it back up next week and give it a whirl. Still working out the leg numbess issue with the assistance of docs, physical therapy (yes Allan, I haven’t forgotten!) and ART. I wish I could say I’m seeing an improvement, but I’m hopeful that with repeated treatment and stretching, my leg functionality will improve. I speculate an MRI is in my future this week.
After all, I did recently sign up for this baby:
I’m still very hopeful that I’ll be able to do this Half-Ironman in September! I hear it’s a great race and I’m itching to race again!!

3 thoughts on “

  1. You lazy? I doubt anyone would believe that!

    Fingers crossed for you to get back to running soon. I will not be doing that race due to a schedule conflict, unfortunately. Maybe next year if I qualify again …

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