Keep Rollin’

MRA is DONE! Prior to two days ago, I didn’t know the difference between MRI and MRA. I still don’t really know except that with MRA, they shoot dye into the trouble area to get an even clearer picture of what may be going wrong. Not a big fan of needles to the groin…not so much…

As it is, I’m awaiting the results with baited breath. Honestly, I want something to be obviously wrong so I know what I can and can’t do at this point. My leg used to go numb just after running. I stopped running for over three weeks and the same problem started occurring on the bike and even during some recent swim sessions. I went to one swim workout this week and used a pull buoy the whole time so that I wouldn’t kick. When I ride the computrainer, I watch my leg power go from 50%/50% to 55%/45% within an hour. Something is blocking something. Frustrating to say the least.

All I can say is watch the “eff” out because this bitch may be headed your way soon!!!


9 thoughts on “Keep Rollin’

  1. MRI=magnetic resonance image; MRA=magnetic resonance angiography. Same technology, but the latter is used to visualize blood vessels specifically. I guess they're thinking it's something vascular? Sucks. I hope you can back to running soon. I've been nursing an injury too, and not being able to run is like taking drugs away from an addict. 😦

  2. Carrie, I wish you well whatever your results may be.

    Honestly for me, sometimes I want them to find something wrong with me so that I could have an actual legit diagnosis, instead of a vague, well maybe you should do this or see how you feel kind of recovery plan. Playing the guessing, sometimes takes longer..

    Get well soon!

  3. I think Emily is along the right path. There is a difference between an MRI, an MRA, and an MRIa with the MRIa likely being what you got. I had to get a normal MRI on my shoulder when I had issues and then I went back 3 weeks later to get an MRIa and I also had the dye injected into my shoulder.

  4. Whatever did you bait your breath with? Hummus?

    I hope you get a good report.

    (it's “bated” as in “abated” and yes that is the ONE word usage I point out to people because almost everyone in the whole wide world thinks it is “baited”.)

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