The Hip Gods Can Suck It!

Potential and cautious good news today from another doctor with whom I consulted…Surgery is NOT imminent at the moment! No need to rush into anything right now since my mobility is good and I’m not in any debilitating pain with normal everyday activities (getting in and out of car, walking, etc). I always have a dull burning in the hip/groin area (about a 1-2 level of pain), but it flares up when I overuse it…duh. SO–my goal for the next several weeks is to not overdo it…easier said than done as you know. Oh yeah–plus lots of inflammatories.
I want to thank my Gazelle friend Rich who has been a wealth of knowledge and advice the last week. Unfortunately, he knows all too well the pain and frustration that a labral tear and subsequent surgery can bring. His progress is two years in the making. Some of the best advice he told me was to NOT get the surgery unless absolutely necessary. I must say, at this moment, while I do have pain and discomfort, it’s not totally necessary. I’m just focusing on short workouts and minimizing hip pain. That means NOT a lot of speed work or hill work.
I was even given the clearance to do the Austin Triathlon Labor Day Weekend! It won’t be pretty since I have NO speed, but it will be a blast! My brother-in-law is flying in from CA to race in his first ever triathlon! How awesome is that?!
Thanks everyone for the kind words and concern. I’m grateful…in many ways…

10 thoughts on “The Hip Gods Can Suck It!

  1. Hip, hip, hooray! (pun acknowledged…even if it's a terrible one!) We'll still be here with vegan comfort food if surgery happens somewhere in the future but for now I'll rest up to cheer you on at Austin Tri! Thanks for sharing the good news with us.

  2. Don't want to rain on your parade, but just feel that I should mention…I was cleared for a race by a reputable doctor once just days before I ran it and I ended up with two stress fractures.

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