Time For Me to Fly

We’ve been discussing it for a couple of years now. Even my bosses and co-workers have wondered, “What took you so long?” Hell…I’m not sure. There’s something frightening about standing on the edge of that diving board and looking down and not seeing big fluffy marshmallows to catch you. Even if you execute the perfect dive, you can still land smack on your face. Six weeks ago, I resigned from my job. This is my last week. In the midst of a recession when a lot of people are losing their jobs, I did the opposite. I quit on my own terms with complete support from my husband and bosses. Don’t feel sorry for me. At the risk of sounding like “that girl,” I’m living the dream. No sympathy necessary…

There is, however, a strange feeling of being a little lost at the moment. I have two huge identities in life. 1.) My job 2.) My running/triathlon existence. I’m giving one of those up and being forced to completely re-evaluate the other due to injury. So many wonderful and amazing things are on the horizon and the possibilities are LITERALLY infinite. I can do everything or nothing…and plan to do both. Between now and the end of the year, we’re going to be traveling a ton including trips to Ohio (yippee!), Germany and Honduras. Friends and family are coming to visit, so the house will be full of love and laughter. I can finally begin my quest to “Dot the M” in whatever capacity it leads me. I’m so blessed, fortunate, and grateful for an opportunity to get out there, network, meet new people and pick up some freelance projects along the way. I love to write, so I’ll be pursuing some writing gigs. I want to be mindful of every task and not just be caught up in the rat race of checking things off my daily to-do list. It’s going to be a challenge. Downtime scares the hell out of me.
Everyone keeps asking, “Where are you going” and “What will you do?” Seriously?! Cooking classes, writing classes, USAT Coaching certification classes, yoga, bike rides, keeping a clean house and catching up with friends and family who think I’ve abandoned them to a life of Ironman. What do you mean, “What will I do?” I’m essentially going to be a full-time student again.
As I stand on the edge of that diving board with no vision as to what is below, I’m reminded of just how many times I’ve made this leap of faith. I’ve never hit the ground once.
Let’s soar…

10 thoughts on “Time For Me to Fly

  1. Sounds like a GOOD change. My sis did the same thing a few years back and it turned out to be the best thing for her as it allowed her to start a family and be home to raise the baby. Best of luck with all you plan to do with your new-found time.

  2. WOW! How wonderful for you to be able to do this! (The wonderful part is letting go of work, not being injured).

    I have a very tough time with the concept of “letting go” — your living it.

    Good for you and I have no doubt you'll be on a wonderful adventure!

  3. i love it! i can somewhat itty bitty relate.. going back to school to declare i don't like what i do, and i want to do something about it — but you've REALLY taken a leap!
    enjoy every moment. 🙂 as i'm sure you will.

    and hey.. when i get my face back.. and you get your hip — we gotta go hit the trails again sometime. we have catching up to do!

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