The Media Maven Has Struck Again!

Does anyone get the Universal Sports network through their satellite or cable provider? Unfortunately, our friends at Time Warner Cable have not made this channel available in Austin and they had an hour-long recap on this year’s Ford Ironman Coeur D’Alene (that hubster and I completed with miles of smiles).

I’ve been told now by two people that I make a cameo crossing the Finish Line. Who?? Me?? Seeking out camera attention?? However could that be?? Actually, usually I am the one looking for the cameras, but in this case, I was clueless–probably because after 11 hrs and 46 minutes, the last thing I wanted to do was flash my pearly whites for a national TV crew. Oh, who am I kidding?! If I would’ve known there was a camera, I would’ve hammed it up even more than this:
In any event, Universal Sports is rebroadcasting the special THIS SUNDAY, September 20th at 3pm Eastern/2pm Central. If anyone has the capability of recording it and burning it to a DVD or, God forbid, a VHS tape, I would be eternally grateful. I’m really anxious to view my 15 minutes…err…15 seconds of fame on National TV (or the 300 people that actually get the Universal Sports Network).

One thought on “The Media Maven Has Struck Again!

  1. I get this channel on an over the air antenna here in Salt Lake City. Go get yourself a pair of rabbit ears and enjoy the happiness that is Universal Sports. They seem to have 3 different triathlons a week on this channel.

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