Dirty White Girl

Remember that game you would play when you would identify your “porno name” as the name of your first pet followed by the street you grew up on? Well, friends, I do have the mother of all porn names. My award winning porno name is COCOA CUMMINGTON! (for real)
And now….Cocoa Cummington is “coming” to to a Vegas Showroom near you!
I don’t drive a windowless white van, live in the remote woods of Montana, or hang out near school playgrounds (although I do live across the street from one), BUT I do have a bit of a fetish. Like most people who ride bikes or even look at bikes, there is a fascination with the gears, the parts, the colors, the weight, the set-up, etc. I’m addicted to bike porn. What better way to indulge in this “fantasy,” than by attending the annual Interbike Trade Show!
Thanks to the chiding of my friend Erin, I’m hopping on a plane with her next Wednesday night to attend the biggest Bike Porn fantasy festival in the world! Also like most people, I don’t really understand the technical aspects of every bike and the seat angle that is supposed to maximize my propulsion. (it even sounds sexy saying that!) I do, however, love the atmosphere of a bunch of athletic geeks like myself who will also be drooling over the 2010 models of their favorite bikes… Over 1200 booths fulls of bikes, gear, nutrition, apparel, etc. await! Basically, we’re all a bunch of perverts, right??
My dear friend Erin owns this cool little (soon to be huge) company called Grease Monkey Wipes and I’ll be hanging with her because she’s awesome…and very persuasive.
So, if you see me wandering around with a strange look in my eye, it’s probably because I want to hop on a new bike and do a little of this:
Guys, Give it up for Cocoa Cummington on Stage 1!

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