Sending More Troops

It was all over the news last night that we may be in danger of losing the war in Afghanistan if President Obama doesn’t send more troops. The conditions are deteriorating. (quick shout out to OSU friend Leslie who just said goodbye to her husband Grant for a year as he is one of those brave soldiers who fights on our behalf). How did it get this far? How have most of us become so oblivious? Yesterday, I had my own realization while visiting the doctor about my on-going hip problem. It’s becoming time for me to “send more troops” as I’m discovering that my conditions are also deteriorating quickly.

Oh, I’ve fought and won many battles this year including personal records in the Half-Marathon distance, Half-Ironman distance and even the Ironman distance. Unfortunately, even though I won those hard-fought battles of pride and athleticism, realization is sinking in that I’m currently losing my own measly war.
For the past year, my little nuisance of random leg numbness has now turned into a constant burn, tightness and sometimes “catching” of the hip joint in the socket. The pain used to dissipate immediately after a session. Now, it’s a dull pain I live with constantly. Plus, the pain points continue to change–lower back, outer hip, IT band, groin. I’ll have a great day and think I’m getting better so then I’ll follow that up with 3 days of cycling and one day of running, which renders me useless for the next several days. I lamented to the doctor that I’m beginning to sound like a 90-year-old woman. We both chuckled, but it’s true. How can this be happening?!
We briefly discussed my own battle plans at this point. I’m sad to say that I have to shut it down for a while-almost completely. Some light swimming is ok (where tolerable) as is some yoga and core that doesn’t involve hopping, jumping, squatting, etc. The main purpose is to try to get rid of some of the inflammation that is now keeping me up at night. The anti-inflammatories work well, but they are not solving the problem.
Beyond that, I’m going to try some airrosti body treatments–similar to ART, which will hopefully loosen some of the crap in my hamstring, glute, etc. In the meantime, I also begin researching and interviewing orthopaedic surgeons. This war won’t be a quick one unfortunately. Surgery is still my final option, but an option to consider nonetheless. It’s another battle tactic in my own little war with my body.
This blog won’t turn into a pity party or an information website about hip labral tears. Those types of websites already exist and I’m certainly no resource for this type of information. I just know what I’m going through currently and will share my thoughts and feelings as I make these upcoming decisions. The last two days, frankly, have been pretty crappy, but they are nothing in comparison to the real battles that some people face.
Ironically, I heard a quote last night that life is full of “little surrenders” to achieve success. You have to give things up in order to ultimately succeed. Surrender of any kind is a tough pill to swallow, but if it gets me in a better place in the long run, I’ll wave that temporary white flag.
But know this…more troops are on the way. I may be losing this battle right now, but I will not lose this war.

7 thoughts on “Sending More Troops

  1. The longer that you try to push through an injury like this, the longer it'll take to recover from once you do decide to let it heal properly. I think yoga will be great since it is a well known fact that triathletes have the balance of a new born giraffe.

  2. Thanks for the post. I'm currently dealing with a knee issue – meniscus, we think – and am scheduled to get an MRI soon. I hate that it will put me out of commission for any period of time, but know I can't continue to run (and bike, to a certain extent) with the pain.

    Best of luck with your treatment.

  3. I wish you lived here in Houston. I have an excellent orthopedic surgeon that I could refer to you. He has done both my knee and my husband's knee. Best of all, he is a runner and does sprint triathlons so he totally was on my mental wavelength when he told me that I would be up and running again by the end of a month's time after the surgery and told me to shoot for half marathons for a while so that I would be happy with my times.

    I love Dr. Mack.

    Good luck in your search of a doctor and have fun at InterBike.

  4. Carrie: I'm sad to hear your news. I can only imagine how difficult it feels to have to pull it back for a while while you figure out your strategy.

    Although “just swimming” and yoga and other less intense workouts will not feel the same, you may learn some new and interesting things about you and your body.

    I'll be looking forward to reading about your journey and your healing.

  5. Carrie, that is terrible what's happened to your hip. I was aware of the problem but had no idea how bad it was! I can certainly relate to some degree about the pains. Hang in there. And If you ever need a physical therapist, I know a great one!

    Take care of yourself, ya hear!
    Berni-cio del Toro (Bernice!)

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