Question About My Results?

OK…trying not to panic here…

I had my blood drawn a couple of days ago for cholesterol check #2 since I adopted the Engine 2 diet back in March of this year. My initial 6-week check back in April showed positive results and the total cholesterol number heading in the right direction. Here was my initial report. Five months have passed and I’m anxious to see if the progress has continued as I’ve waved the vegan flag and sustained the plant strong way of eating.
At 5:00pm yesterday (7:00pm Austin time), I noticed I had missed a call earlier in the day.
“Hi Carrie. This is Dr. XXXX’s office. I have a question about your lab results. I’ll try you at home, but give me a call if you get this message.”

SHIT! You can’t do that to me!! You can’t leave me hanging all weekend like that!!
Two messages left at home were just as vague. One nurse left a brief message that my lab reports “looked fine” with no specific numbers given. Another message from the P.A.-C (same woman who called my cell) indicated she had a question. In full disclosure, I know the P.A.-C from my triathlon group. She knows I train for Ironmans and she knows I was doing the “vegan-thing.” Perhaps she had specific questions about that.
Still though…Now, I have to wonder for the next two days.
“Am I dying?”
“Did my cholesterol go up?”
“Is she disappointed with the results?”
“Am I going to be a poster child for healthy eating?”
“Should I be on statin drugs?”
“Can I have pizza? Sushi? A Big Fat Steak?
“Has all of this been worth it?”
Maybe they were so good that they want me to be a spokesperson for the vegan cause (ha ha)
Ugh…Time to play the waiting game! I’ll let you know Monday morning! Fingers are crossed!!

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