The Flying Feather 4-Miler in Dublin, Ohio

With Iron-Buddies Meredith and Dave
How many people go home for the holidays and actively seek out a race to run?! Glad to say I’m one of the few and thanks to Dave and Meredith’s genius suggestion, I signed up for the “Flying Feather 4 Miler” in Dublin on Thanksgiving morning! (This was my one exception to my “not running until the New Year” resolution). Plus, how can you turn down a technical shirt, hat, gloves and FREE bottle of wine for every finisher! Now that’s something I’ll give thanks for in a big way!!

I showed up in my rockin’ capri pants looking more like a suburban Mom than a runner. Seriously, the only thing missing was the triplet baby stroller. I did sport the Ironman Coeur D’Alene running hat just to intimidate those around me. I’m sure it worked. Seriously, I could smell fear.
Meredith was my running buddy as I wasn’t even wearing a watch. We had a great time starting slow, passing people, catching up on our lives, realizing how out of shape we both are, and then still finding energy to pick it up for a quick finish!
Yay!! We finished with negative splits!!
What a great way to start the Day!

Here’s wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season. Let the gluttony begin!

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