Hubster Taking on California International Marathon!

We’re sitting and lounging at the Hyatt in downtown Sacramento watching the Florida/ Alabama game (Roll Tide!) Hubster Shawn’s feet are propped up and he is relaxed and ready to run the California International Marathon tomorrow. His goal is a 3:30 which will qualify him for the 2011 Boston Marathon! How awesome is that?!

I am signed up for this race and actually did pick up my race packet yesterday. We’re here with my old Gazelle buddies, Mike and Thon, so there is the added nostalgic sweetness of being with my original running partners. The temptation to run is overwhelming, but my place for this race is the sideline cheering wildly for my rockin’ husband who is going to kick its booty!

I’ll be posting updates and splits as I get them tomorrow morning. It’s a point to point course so I don’t know how much moving around we’ll do since we don’t have a car.

You can also track him at #463

Go Hubster Go! Run like I’m chasing you with a golf club!! Love you!


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