Dr. D and His Evil Strength Building

Started into some PT strength training and stretching this week. I’ve been doing so much, but never had an official stretching and strength building plan specifically for my back and hips. First of all, I’m not sure if it’s possible for ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones to break when someone is stretching you beyond limits, but I’m sure I was pretty close. Or, at least my whimpering was a good indication that I had hit the “mercy” level of tolerance.

Also doing a few other stretches and strength building moves for my glutes, core and lower back.  I’m not sure if any of these have official names, but I’ve made up my own.

#1 “Straight Leg Feel Your Ass/IT/Hips Burn Until You Want to Cry” Move  
(PS-You don’t have to be headless to do this move at home)

Keep knees locked out and don’t drag feet. Make sure you lift them. Focus on strong core                                              

#2 “Strap a Rubber Band Around Your Ankles And Feel the Knife in Your Glute While You Kick Back”  Move

#3 “This Chair is a Torture Device from Medieval Times” Quad Stetch 
PS-that is a grimace and not a smile)

hips forward, hold wall for stability 

Side view of bed head–oops, I mean stretch…fake smile

In addition to these fun exercises a couple of times a day, I’m doing the butterfly stretch. Holding feet together and stretching the inner thighs.  I also started some lunges and dead lifts yesterday. Needless to say, my glutes are sore as all get out today!!  Thanks a whole hell of a lot Dr. D!

I did manage to meet my gym bunnies, Erin and Maggie, down at Lifetime this morning. We did a 30 minute core class followed by an hour of cardio kickboxing. My hip has about had it for the day!!  I’m hoping for three hours on the Computrainer tomorrow morning (Hello Oceanside 70.3 course! ) followed by a wonderful torturous ice bath.

Hope to get back to some running and yoga this week! The hip is still quite sore and irritated sometimes, but the “numbness” in my leg feels a little better. Here’s hoping for a good week and a cortisone shot in the hip soon!


One thought on “Dr. D and His Evil Strength Building

  1. Dr. D and I must have gone to the same Evil School of Stretching and Strength Training. I make my clients do those same stretches and exercises. They roll their eyes and make grimacing faces as well. Hmm, how about that.

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