There Comes a Time…When We Heed a Certain Call

No, I didn’t record another really crappy translation of “We are the World,” thank goodness. I did, however, come to peace with my body.  Well, we’re still at odds, but I came to peace with my future.
After a year of pain, numbness, frustration, MRIs, injections, therapy (of all sorts) and sleepless nights, I finally scheduled hip scope surgery for May 19th in Austin. Why three months from now?  Well, I wouldn’t want a knife and a crazy surgeon with a scope to get in the way of Oceanside 70.3 on March 27th, now would I?? I also wouldn’t want to be the gimpy one on crutches when we go to Utah in early May to cheer friends on at Ironman St. George and hike around some of the National Parks for a week!  This surgery thing is going to slow me down and right now I’ve got things to do, places to go, and people to see! (and races to run!)

In actuality, I’m both relieved that I finally made a decision and a little bummed that I haven’t found “the miracle cure” for torn hip cartilage. Oh, I suppose the miracle cure would be to sit on my ass and do nothing, but that’s not going to happen. So there. After weighing every option more times than I want to recount, it ultimately came down to this:  I want to be fit and active for many years. I don’t want to give up running or triathlons. Six to eight months of recovery is NOTHING in the scheme of things. Perhaps I’ll come back stronger. Perhaps I won’t. I’m now finally willing to take that chance and risk.  Hell, I could be doing races by the Fall! I just know that the thought of running pain free again someday far outweighs the frustration of failed runs now. Plus, with every run, ride, and injection, I’m compromising the hip further. Best to get it scoped and repaired now to avoid possible arthritis and a full replacement later?  That’s an easy decision. Of course, it’s also not a guarantee. And I know that…which is why this decision has been a long grueling one.

For the time being, I’m going to run, and bike, and swim, and yogi as much as my little tush will allow. And I’m going to count down the days to my new beginning.

All I can say to the ladies in my age group is “Watch your backs!” This bitch is going bionic.

(unless I change my mind and completely wuss out on the whole thing!)

8 thoughts on “There Comes a Time…When We Heed a Certain Call

  1. Note to self: race as much as possible while Carrie is recovering! Just kidding…I'll be there to cheer you on through your surgery and recovery, too. I'm better at that than I am at trying to even come close to you in a race! Congrats on making a decision…I hear wine is essential for a thorough and speedy recovery!

  2. wish you the best… and you are absolutely right…Six to eight months of recovery is NOTHING in the scheme of things. Bring it on!!

    And if as ETG says wine is essential for recovery, I can send you some!!!

  3. I'm sure it's been difficult to make this decision but I think it's the right one given what you want to do. In the big scheme of things, the recovery time is relatively short and the potential gains very worthwhile. Think of it as one of those long term investments.

  4. I know that you've battled this for awhile and you've tried other options so it is tough to finally make the call for surgery. Hopefully I'll see you out there chicking me soon though.

  5. It is bad enough you kick my ass when you are injured but now you will be giving me the bionic smack down if we race together in the furture. Oh the shame of it all.

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