Austin Duathlete’s Protest Double Du

In my quest to squeeze in as many races as possible before surgery, I decided (on a whim) to race in the Austin Duathletes Protest Du last Saturday. They had a Sprint Du (2mi run/10mi bike/2mi run) and a Double Du (2mi run/10mi bike/2mi run/10mi bike/2mi run)!

In all of my craziness, I signed up for the Double! Oh, why the heck not, right?? Little did I know that I was only one of FIVE women who signed up for the Double. The run was relatively flat and each 10 mile bike had about 3 miles of hills. I was definitely struggling on the hills and think I was feeling the remnants of Oceanside 70.3 from the week before. (At least I’m hoping that’s the case.) Can’t someone give me a flat course?? Oh yeah–Galveston 70.3 is coming up soon and I signed up for that little booger as well! Be careful what you wish for. It’s flat and windy.

I didn’t really look at my watch during the race, but was surprised at how consistent I was on each leg of the duathlon. Honestly, I thought I’d be walking by the third run, but ended up getting stronger with each leg! (pun intended)

2 mile run #1 7:58, 7:52
10 mile bike #1 17.5 avg
2 mile run #2 8:02, 7:52
10 mile bike #2 17.7 avg
2 mile run #3 8:10, 7:34

I ended up coming in 2nd overall (out of 5!) and 1st in my age group. My age group award was a white chocolate Easter Bunny, which probably won’t go on display with the other medals and awards. I’m afraid it will eventually be displayed in my belly!! (and, consequently, on my hips, thighs and scale).

Fellow T3 Teammates Phil and Bressie showing off the edible age-group hardware

A friend was asking if I’m cherishing all of these race moments before surgery puts me out for several months. Judging by this picture at the finish line, I think you know my answer.


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