Such a Wonderful Example of Joy

Just yesterday, Austin hosted a Kid’s Triathlon and The Austin American Statesman featured this little boy as he completed the race in under 30 minutes!  All of the photos and the story are featured HERE.  It’s certainly one of the most heartwarming and inspiring things I’ve seen in a while and serves as a much-needed reminder
1.) Even those with limitations have no limits.
2.) My little hip surgery means nothing. I am able-bodied and capable. 
3.) Finishing times and PRs are inconsequential. It’s all about courage and determination to get to the start and finish lines. 
4.) Anything is possible and there really are no excuses.

Photo Credits: (Ralph Barrera AMERICAN-STATESMAN)

2 thoughts on “Such a Wonderful Example of Joy

  1. love him on his cool bike! he's just smiling away in every pic. Love it.
    yeah, we complain about our feet hurting, without being thankful that we HAVE feet. Thanks for sharing.

  2. OK, I totally love this kid. And it is inspiring me to get back in the triathlon game – for the pure joy of getting to move my body through this crazy thing we call “fun”. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

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