Super Freakin’ Woman

Somehow, thanks to Blogger’s new design templates, I’ve managed to totally screw up the formatting and I completely suck at any form of programming. That’s ok though, because big changes are coming soon. In fact, so many wonderful things are on the horizon.  I. Can’t.Wait.  I’m kinda feeling a little like Super Woman these days. No, seriously, I am…Well,  mainly because I had to do one-legged Super Woman poses this morning at physical therapy.

This exercise has progressed three times since I started it a week ago. At first, I was doing jack knives on the ground where I balanced on one leg and then lifted the other knee to my chest and then out to the side.  I felt like a rock star because I could actually stand and balance on one leg. It’s the little things.

The pesky little balance board showed up in the next session proving that my rock star status is as fleeting as most rock star careers are. So, it was a little shaky at first, but I persevered at the risk of looking as shaky as Katherine Hepburn did in “On Golden Pond.”

I showed up today with the apprehension of “what do these crazies have in store for me today” and, not to disappoint,  my evil PT professor had added the Superman balance poses to the routine. Stand on balance board (i.e. try not to break neck in front of everyone), lift knee to chest, lift it to the outside and then hinge from the waist and take off like Super Man.

Oh, I flew alright.  Flew liked the caped crusader that I am.

It had me thinking. Wouldn’t running actually be easier on me at this point?!?!?

I can only imagine what they’ll dream up next.


One thought on “Super Freakin’ Woman

  1. You are making awesome progress. I know it feels like these are little steps, but as someone who reads your blog, checking in pretty regularly, i must say these are huge steps you are making. Seriously. It's somewhat a relief that you waited so long for the surgery, and that the recovery isn't that long, if you think about it.

    I'm probably not making any sense. I've been waiting for my surgery for so freaking long, and it's a relief to me to think that my recovery will be waaaaaay shorter than all this waiting. If I recall correctly, you've waited for your surgery (planned, etc) for a year, and here you are!!! Balancing on one leg!!!! YAY!

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