My Body’s Punch List

When hubster and I were building our house, the blue “punch list” tape was our best friend. In fact, after three years, I still find a piece of blue tape every now and then. Anywhere there was a paint mistake, scuff mark, carpenter error, or other blemish, we slapped a piece of blue tape next to it so that the appropriate worker would eventually fix the error.

My body has become a palette of blue tape recently.

I don’t know if it works, but the blue “punch list” tape makes my leg feel better
God knows there are plenty of blemishes to fix on my little house. Dr. Brown at Austin Sports Therapy has been doing some serious ART on my legs, hips and back. As my friend Muna so eloquently pointed out (in a time when I needed it most), I’m still recovering from the actual procedure itself. The injury has been fixed and the aches and pains probably have more to do with the incisions, cameras, instruments and traction table that ripped and pulled a lot of my right leg out of it’s hip socket. Pleasant thought, eh?
In any event, the blue kinesio/rock tape isn’t just to make people feel sorry for me (although it works). It is there as a reminder that there are still things that are under construction and constantly need “touched up.”

Still Some Repair Work to be Done on this Leg


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