Who Do I Think I Am?!


OK – blog name change. Again. In 2006, I started a blog called “Tri To Be Funny.”  Back in the early days of blogging, it was pretty well-read among runners and triathletes. In fact, many of my current friendships started as “creepy internet friends” and virtual pen pals. The blogosphere wasn’t as widespread and saturated as it is now.  Boy oh boy, I was so freaking diligent about detailed updates, race reports, product reviews and general musings that leaned on the humorous side of this lifestyle. I take my shit seriously, but not too seriously.  Back then, I also worked at an ad agency. Writing my blog and reading dozens of others was a welcomed respite from tag lines, tear sheets and meetings with magazine reps. I would spend my lunch hour (or whatever free time I could sneak in) honing my writing chops and updating my blog damn near every day. 

And then, I left my day job to become a multisport coach and writer. I created and run FOMO Training. I spend every waking (and some sleeping) hours of the day thinking and writing about swimming, biking, and running. I write schedules for athletes every day. I even recently wrote a dang e-book about it. I connected my original Tri To Be Funny blog with my coaching site. And, lo and behold, Tri To Be Funny was no longer funny. It was really no longer anything more than self-promotion and fun photos and FOMO updates. And, that’s ok. The last thing I wanted to do when I came home from talking to athletes about their schedules was to write about my own. I want FOMO to shine and I want to highlight the accomplishments of the people I coach. 

Recently, though, I’ve felt the urge to go old school again and do some more personal journaling and blogging. It may be about my athletic events or it may be about my cats (God forbid). I go back and forth between “Lil Dude” and “Tri To Be Funny.” Both pretty much sum me up in a few words. Several recent signs prompted me to want to revive the ol’ Tri To Be Funny moniker, however. I spent a few days at this year’s The Running Event in Austin, Texas. It’s a Trade Show for Running Specialty Retailers and I was there as “working media” to scope out interesting stories, sponsorships, new products and other insider tidbits. Talk about being a kid in a candy store. Sure, I learned a lot, bit one of my biggest “aha” moments came during a breakout session that discussed social media trends in the fitness industry. Sure, people are tweeting about shoes, watches and apparel, but by and large, people are talking about their personal experience. At the end of the day, it doesn’t necessarily matter what jacket you are wearing as long as you are passionate about your race and training endeavors. People (i.e. Me) love chronicling every run, sweat, and tear shed to get to the finish line! When I wrote Tri To Be Funny on a regular basis, I was so passionate and enamored with it. Sitting in that cold conference room and listening to Social Media experts somehow reignited my passion for talking about my own experience. 

And, then, last night I went to a birthday party. The host of the party was someone I’d only met casually on a few occasions. We train at the same gym and she hosted a birthday party for one of the trainers. When I walked in the party, she said, “I knew that tritobefunny@gmail.com had to be YOUR email address!”  You know what? She could’ve told me that I looked skinny and sexy in my outfit and I wouldn’t have been as flattered as I was when she made the email connection. Seriously, I was flattered in an odd dorky way.

And then this morning I was on a training run with my some friends from the Gilberts Gazelles. I ran with Gazelles a few years ago when I was the blogging queen, but took a hiatus during my own personal transitions and injuries. I recently started back with Gazelles. Again, it’s a chance for me to get some relief from coaching and just have someone else tell me what to do. Well, one of the runners told me that some of her family members are new to running and she tried to direct them to my blog, but it essentially wasn’t there. Well, it was there, but it wasn’t the same. She’s so right! 

So, here we are…back to the start…Lil’ Dude, Coach Carrie, Coachy Coach…and finally back to Tri To Be Funny! Let’s see where the adventure leads this time!



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