Tri to Be…Greg Louganis

I’ve lived in Austin for 15 years and have NEVER taken the New Year’s Day Polar Bear Plunge at Barton Springs Pool! Let’s face it, I’ve swam there countless times through the years and have never NOT worn a wetsuit. That’s the dorky triathlete in me. If I have something that makes me warmer (and makes me FLOAT) why the hell wouldn’t I wear it? I’ll take any advantage I can get in the water.

So, in our attempt to do all things “Austin” yesterday, we finished up the Black Eyed Pea 13 Mile run, grabbed some lunch at Whole Foods (so ridiculously Austin) and headed over to Barton Springs. Instead of easing in the water, we ripped it off like a freaking bikini wax and went straight for the kill– the diving board.

I’m no Greg Louganis, but at least I didn’t hit my head on the diving board. That, alone, deserves a “10.”  Or, a “2014!”


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