Tri to Be…Chris Farley?!

See what I mean??


Chris Farley - FAT

Carrie (circa 1998)

Fat Carrie Barrett

Not bad, eh?

(Ok- that actually scares me to look at it!)

OK-obviously I’m not trying to end up just like the dude (although it would be awesome to get paid stupid amounts of money to be “the funny guy,”) but apparently I am trying to take on the role of Chris Farley as, Matt Foley, The Motivational Speaker from Saturday Night Live  judging by the awesome animated shots taken by Jake North at the recent Austin Fit Magazine FitTalk!

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 1.57.22 PM

“You want to do an Ironman?? Well La-Dee-Frickin’ Dah!!!”

Carrie at Austin Fit Magazine FitTalk

“I live in a freakin’ van down by the river!!”

And, I didn’t get to tell the 40+ attendees that they were going to amount to squat in true Matt Foley fashion, but I did get the exhilarating chance to moderate a panel with several fitness experts in Austin about which race distance they should consider doing this year. I’m pretty sure Chris Farley wasn’t motivating people to do that, but he did have ’em laughing their asses off no matter what he was telling them…and I’ll take that any day!

Carrie and Chris


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